All About Katie

I have been with since 1998, and I've been working with beads for more than 25 years! I love all types of beading, but my most favorite are right angle weave, wire wrapping and simply stringing up beads. My most favorite color is green, any shade, any bead. I also enjoy quilting, knitting and crocheting, so you can imagine what my bead room looks like! My favorite pieces of jewelry feature unique components or a wonderful color palette and are most likely asymmetrical such as Locked Out, Salt Water Taffy, and Summer Rain Earrings.

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12mm Opaque Turquoise with Gold Wide Bellflower Czech Glass Bead
Sold By: 4 in strand (approx. 30 pieces)
$9.25 $6.47
18mm Light Sapphire with Gold Horned Owl Czech Glass Bead
Sold By: 7 in strand (approx. 10 pieces)
22mm Orange Opal Picasso Hibiscus Flower Czech Glass Bead
Sold By: 6 in strand (approx. 6 pieces)